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Although "budget" might not be exactly the correct word to use when talking about home exercise machines that can be expensive, the Stamina Conversion II Elliptical/Stepper is an example of an affordable machine.  

The Stamina elliptical/stepper fitness machines are probably best for someone who is a beginner, or someone who wants to add a cardio machine to a home gymnasium but can't afford the higher-priced specialist units.

In this situation the two-for-one approach offered by an elliptical stepper might be the best solution, as it provides a good balance between price, quality and features.

It's well worth looking at two of the machines in the range, the  Stamina Extended Stride Elliptical/Stepper (details on this page) and the Stamina 55-2065 Dual Action Elite Programmable Elliptical/Stepper here.

Stamina Extended Stride Elliptical/Stepper

This is a compact machine that is a good choice where space is a little limited.

Stamin Extended Stride Elliptical/StepperThis unit has 12 workouts pre-programmed; you can add a further four personalized ones. The monitor is battery operated (shows time, height, weight, RPM, speed, time, distance, calories burned and heart rate).

There are heart-rate sensors in a stationary hand grip. Change intensity via + and -buttons on the monitor. Uses weighted flywheel-resistance and belt-drive train - smooth and silent.

Switching between modes is quick and easy. Use either handlebars or a stationary hand grip.

Eight levels of resistance are available and can be varied by turning a knob without interrupting a workout.
Quickly and easily converts from elliptical mode to stepper mode and back
Durable steel and aluminum construction

If you're interested in the Stamina range you can find great prices right now on Amazon.

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