Stamina Programmable Elliptical Stepper

Elliptical Stepper - Best of Both in One Exercise Machine

The elliptical stepper combination exercise machine is a very effective offering from the fitness industry that can give you the best of both worlds, without having to pay twice the price.

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The elliptical trainer, or elliptical cross-trainer, is widely acknowledged as one of the most efficient and effective cardiovascular exercise machines available, with its low-impact characteristics being particularly important.
The same can be said of the stepper machine. Both are highly regarded by those working in the fields of cardio training, fat loss and body toning.

So, enter the elliptical stair stepper, a unit that can be configured either as an elliptical trainer, and then quickly be switched to stepper mode to exercise a different set of muscles, and incidentally to offset the boredom that can be a factor if you are continually going through the same routine on just one piece of equipment.

Professional gyms were the first to install training machines such as treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers and steppers, but it is now possible to buy the equipment that will allow you to train just as effectively at home without having to spend a fortune. A number of manufacturers offer a range of products that can meet almost every need and every budget.

Combination elliptical stair stepper workout

With an elliptical stair stepper you get a combination of the kind of workout you could achieve if you walked, climbed stairs, skied and cycled. And because you can rotate forward as well as backward, you can exercise two sets of muscles.

Working upwards from your feet, expect to see positive results in your calves and hamstrings, hips and thighs, on your buttocks, lower abdominals and your quadriceps.
Using the handle levers will tone your upper body – chest, shoulders, your upper arms and your back.

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And it goes without saying that you will help your cardiovascular system and optimize the rate at which you burn fat. Because the machines work the muscles of the upper and of the lower body, you get the same effect as other forms of training, but more quickly.

The underlying win is that the unit allows high intensity training but without the risk of injury. The exercise is low impact because your feet stay on the pedals/footpads. And that means a drop in the level of stress injuries to your legs, hips and back.

You’ll find some details on Stamina elliptical/steppers here, and Cybex here, and you can get some pricing information on Ellipticals here .

  • How much space do you have available?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • How long do you expect the machine to last? Quality costs, so you’ll need to spend more if you have a longer time frame to consider.
  • Make sure you can get spares and service locally.

If you are into sport and want to stay in condition, an elliptical/stepper is a good way to keep your cardiovascular system going.

If you’re just looking to stay fit and maybe lose a bit of weight, then alternate your elliptical stair stepper routine with some weight training.

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